UC Berkeley School of Public Health

UC Berkeley School of Public Health

At the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, we take pride in our rigorous transdisciplinary research into the determinants of health. Our School has a 75-year legacy of groundbreaking achievement that has shaped policy, education, and services around the world. Our findings drive action that results in improved health outcomes for communities, locally and globally. 

We are increasingly focused on translational research; that is, ensuring that the health research knowledge we generate has a direct impact on the public. Translating research into action to benefit society is a critical issue in the United States and globally. One of the School's strategic goals is to inventory and examine our projects and find ways to advance our translational research.

Our faculty members are leaders in their respective fields, which range from health and social behavior, maternal and child health, nutrition, biostatistics, and epidemiology to toxicology, infectious disease and vaccinology, and human genetics, among many others. They are also the driving force behind the School’s diverse array of centers and programs. A few of the health and societal problems being addressed by our centers include: alcohol abuse, population and family planning, health technology, STD/HIV prevention, infectious disease, emergency preparedness, health care markets, aging, and traffic safety.

Our students have many opportunities to dive into the world of research. All doctoral and most academic master's degree students are engaged actively in public health research as their final degree requirement. Opportunities to gain research experience are available to all students through courses and graduate student researcher appointments in the School, on campus, at UCSF, and at numerous partner research organizations, such as Kaiser Permanente, the Northern California Cancer Center, the Birth Defects Monitoring Program, and the California Emerging Infectious Program. In addition, public health practice placements are available in community-based research projects.


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