Hilin Mu Program: Safe Spaces for Adolescent Girls

Hilin Mu Program: Safe Spaces for Adolescent Girls

We provide safe space clubs to girls at risk for early marriage as well as mobilize families and influencers to change norms around girls education and early marriage. The core components of the Hilin Mu (“Our Space” in Hausa) program were designed to address parents’ and daughters’ concerns about poor educational outcomes and other issues, and are based on the successful model of the Centre for Girls Education. We focus on engaging community, training girls in literacy and life skills, and enhancing capacity of female teachers.


Safe Spaces are mentored groups proven to delay marriage by keeping girls in school. Teenage girls connect with peers, gain critical life skills and bridge gaps in academic learning—especially reading and writing.


The program aims to:

  • Quadruple rural girls' secondary school completion rates

  • Enhance rural girls' aspirations, agency, and voice

  • Increase the age of marriage by at least 2 years

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